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24 April 2015

I won't lie, I do love me some good ol' radio chart music, but it's mostly reserved for the drive to and from uni. When I'm at home, I get into my jammies, put the kettle on, open Spotify (just kidding; it opens itself, that dear thing), and listen to one (or all) of these artists. 
And—as embarrassing as it might sound—I do it because I want to feel. I want to be moved. It's one of the best parts of being human; having the propensity to feel things. And music must be one of the most beautiful ways of doing that.

I definitely have a distinctive 'type' when it comes to music that resonates most with me. It's usually something slightly folky, kind of alternative, but always with intriguing lyrics and a focus on instruments.

The Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men are probably best known for the feel-good Little Talks, which had a fair bit of radio airtime. They've a whole bunch of other great songs on the same album, but my favourite is King And Lionheart. It's one of those songs that has the ability to instantly put you at ease. Other favourites are Slow And Steady, Lakehouse, and Yellow Light. These songs have gotten me through a lot of late nights and assignments (the two are usually intertwined).

For lyrics that are poignant most of the time and funny the rest, you can't go past the story-telling abilities of Passenger, AKA Mike Rosenberg. I love Riding To New York for a moving, cinematic experience, and Holes for something more upbeat, but let's be real, I like all his music. If I'm not listening to my Of Monsters And Men playlist, there's a good chance I'm listening to my Passenger one. The photo above was taken at his Sydney concert back in January. Just a man, his guitar, and an audience enthralled by his talent. The man definitely knows how to write a song.

Lastly, I like to think of The Cinematic Orchestra as makers of some of the most beautiful, moving music you'll ever hear in your life, and chances are, you've heard one or two of their songs before even if you haven't realised it. To Build A Home is often used in TV shows and advertisements, and Arrival Of The Birds is a film favourite, recently being featured in 'The Theory of Everything' (yep, the film Eddie Redmayne won an Academy Award for *heart eyes emoji*). If I had to pick a penultimate favourite song, it would be To Build A Home. it makes my mind (and senses) dance.

All these favourites are part of playlists I have on Spotify. You can find the playlists here. Be warned though, there's also a fair bit of music I wouldn't publicly admit to liking, but we're all friends around here. Whether it be some Shania Twain or the opening song from The Lion King, there's a bit of everything for every mood. Go on, have a listen.
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