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The Autumn/Winter Nail Edit

14 April 2015

I feel like I should admit something. I'm not the best when it comes to nails. My nails are almost always off duty (code for 'bare'), I'm incapable of not getting nail polish on my cuticles, and nail art to me is just a pretty subcategory to look at on Instagram. Despite all this, I continue to hoard nail polish like nobody's business. 

When I think of the autumn/winter colour palette, two categories come to mind: subdued and vampy. I happen to be a fan of both. Here are some of my favourite picks.

There is something so chic-looking about greys and muted colours. I just love the polished (very punny, Karina) look it gives. The front-runner in this category is definitely Essie Maximillian Strasse-Her (pictured above), which has to be the most interesting colour I own. It's a soft greenish grey that can read blue in certain lights. The formula has a nice consistency, and it goes opaque in 2-3 coats. The only issue I have with Essie polishes is that even with the diffusion line, I find it a bit difficult to get an easy, streak-free application, but that could be because many nail polish lines are coming out with one-stroke brushes and I no longer have the patience for thin brushes. My amateurish paint work could also be the culprit.

For those wanting an even lighter grey with green, slightly olive tones, Revlon Colorstay in Bare Bones is a great option. The formula is thick and gel-like, which means you get a shiny finish, though it can also mean that the formula becomes goopy after a while. This is one of only two colours I have ever bought a backup of.

For a straight up grey, I really like Rimmel 60 Seconds in Grey Matter. All hail quick-drying formulas and wide brushes.This is the kind of nail polish I'll understandably use if I, for whatever reason, want to have my nails painted before going out.

Another Rimmel offering; the Rimmel Salon Pro in No Need To Blush is a rich, creamy raspberry colour that comes out brighter than it looks in the bottle. Once again, Rimmel brushes make application a breeze, though I do find this formula a bit more liquidy than the 60 Seconds one, giving the nails a smoother finish. My only gripe is that for some reason, this formula wears really easily around my tips. It's preferable to chipping, but I'd of course prefer neither. If you already own this formula and it works well for you, this would be a nice one to pick up for autumn.

A more purple version of the Rimmel polish is the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Plum's the Word (pictured above). All I can think of when I wear this is how it reminds me of grapes. I also do this thing where I expect it to smell like grapes too; Hubba Bubba to be exact (I may or may not be salivating right now). The formula is quite glossy, the brush is another one of those wide ones, and it lasts a decent amount of time on the nails. No complaints!

And finally, we have Essie Sole Mate, a classic in the autumn/winter nail arsenal. A deep, dark, blackened burgundy; it's so pretty on, but it's the same deal with all Essie polishes for me. They're more difficult than most to apply, and the first coat is streakier than a naked rugby fan being tackled by security for running out onto the field at half time.

A great mental image to end with, I know.

I should also probably work on my awkward hand poses.
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