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3 Makeup Storage Solutions

16 May 2015
It is a universally acknowledged truth that every makeup lover must be in want of some snazzy makeup storage. Here are three solutions that even Lizzie Bennet would be stoked with.

The cutlery tray
If you store your makeup in a chest of drawers, you might like a cutlery tray. I purchased mine from IKEA, and they fit well in the IKEA ALEX BRIMNES 3 drawer unit. I have one of these for lip and cheek products, and another for base and eye products. Cutlery trays are usually quite affordable and come in lots of different sizes depending on the size of your drawers. Although the biggest section where I keep all of my lipsticks and lip glosses looks pretty disorganised, I strangely like the element of being able to rummage through and look for something. The other sections, though, are small enough that I can see every product clearly, which is useful if you like switching up the makeup you use.

The acrylic organiser
If you like storing your makeup on a desk or a vanity, perhaps an acrylic organiser is for you. I personally don't have too much room left on the top of my drawer unit (which means it's time to reorganise, hooray!), so I use this to ferry makeup from storage to bathroom mirror if there's too much stuff to carry in my hands. I've found this to be especially great for thin lip products like lip pencils, lip crayons, liquid lipsticks and lip glosses, as well as eyeliners and mascaras. My favourite thing about this organiser? It was from Daiso, which means it was--you guessed it!--$2.80. It has four compartments on one side and two compartments on the other. Acrylic storage is a favourite amongst makeup lovers, so this isn't a revolutionary solution, by any means, but it *is* an affordable option in a world where cosmetic storage units can cost an arm and a leg. 

The mug
We've long been storing our makeup brushes in jars and pots and glasses, but how many of these have a handle? This $2 mug is perfect for keeping my most-used makeup brushes in, and the handle is so hand(le)y when I want to take the brushes with me to do my makeup in front of the bathroom mirror. Again, not revolutionary, but I love the polka dots and the eclectic touch it adds to my storage situation.

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