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31 May 2015

Stumbling upon this gem has changed my life. My concealer life.

The crime scene? Kmart. The culprit? None other than the e.l.f. Studio Flawless Concealer Brush

This fluffy concealer brush is dense enough to pack on the coverage, but rounded to ensure that it does most of the blending work for you. It's also soft, so very soft, which is exactly what the delicate undereye area calls for. $8 has never been better spent.

I use this brush predominately with the Bobbi Brown Corrector, which is notoriously known for being thick and creamy, and not always in the way a good Greek yoghurt is. It's a breeze to work with when using this brush, though. I just press the brush against the product a couple of times, then stipple, stipple, sweep. Stipple, stipple, sweep. It's really quite fun--both the application and the knowledge that your concealer is probably going to look flawless thanks to this brush.

I'm sceptical of people who say the words 'trust me' (kind of like those who'll declare that they're a 'really good person', or decide to make a public service announcement when they've donated to a charity), but really guys, trust me on this one.
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