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The Everyday Kit and Caboodle

19 May 2015
Tired of constantly forgetting bits and pieces whenever I'd change handbags, I decided to put together an essentials kit that could move from bag to bag with ease. 

The essentials for me are things like tissues, antibacterial gel (I love the fresh, sweet smell of Soap & Glory Hand Maid), chewing gum, earphones, and a pen. Some other things that might be useful to have on hand are nail clippers (those pesky bits of skin that appear next to nails cannot be allowed to stay), a small pocket mirror, a nourishing lip balm, some hair ties/clips, and blotting sheets if you get oily throughout the day.

OR, if you're an over-packer or a but-what-if-I-need-this person like myself, you'll find that you convince yourself of the importance of bringing at least five more balmy lip options because sometimes you want a rosy-pink tint instead of a peachy-pink one, and you most definitely need to bring the one with SPF lest anyone think you aren't educated on the importance of sun protection.

A coupon booklet is totally necessary because saving money is cool, and measuring tape is clearly also a staple item. You never know when you'll have to measure your waist to calculate your risk of heart disease while out and about. Can also double as entertainment if you feel like pulling the tape all the way out then pressing the auto retract button. Just a word of warning though: whiplash from the measuring tape may not be interpreted as entertainment by that disgruntled stranger sitting next to you.
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