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The Four-Legged Family Member

29 May 2015

As kids, my brother and I pleaded for a pet. "A dog! Can we have a dog? A Beagle! No, a Labrador! Please Mum? MUM? MUUUUUM?" Fast forward a decade and, to the surprise of everyone in this family, we not only have a dog, but a family member.

As cheesy as that sounds, we could never completely understand the attachment people felt to their pets--not until we had one come into our lives. Cue Ben, the Greyhound who is *Neil Buchanan from Art Attack voice* one part PVA glue dog, two parts water human.

He likes to sleep. He likes to eat. He likes to poop. He also likes to do some zoomies on occasion. He's basically a teenage boy; a teenage boy with four great loves in his life: Greenies, cheese, bones and peanut butter. Especially peanut butter. There is also an additional love of squeaky toys and belly rubs. When he's not found loving life, you can find him giving you the stink eye or waking you up sporadically throughout the night. It's great! Really!

It really is though, despite the trouble he sometimes (always) causes. It's hard to remember what life was like before he arrived on the scene, all nervous and needy.

Ben has asked everyone to "pwease excuse my eye booger and my yellow teefs, fanks". Photo credit: j-incognito. Also, that is my brother's arm you see there, just to be clear.

We adopted Ben over a year ago from a Greyhound adoption program. It made sense to adopt a Greyhound knowing the poor conditions and treatment many experience as racers, and the lack of concern for their well-being after retirement. To be bred solely for the purpose of financial gain and then discarded because of injury, old age or lack of racing ability is nothing short of cruel. All breeds are special and in need of homes, but I do feel for the plight of the Greyhound as the popularity of Greyhound racing must surely mean there are an abundance that can be re-homed, but sadly aren't.

I can see the future looking up, though. I think misconceptions about Greyhounds being too active, too vicious and too high-maintenance to be pets are slowly being overturned. Although adopting a Greyhound might not be for everyone or fit in with every lifestyle, I can guarantee that those who do have this wonderful breed as a pet would not have things any other way. Now let's all get our hearts melted by searching for pictures of Greyhound puppies.
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