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A Mini ColourPop Lippie Stix Haul

23 June 2015

ColourPop -- the brand that's on everyone's lips (literally!)

ColourPop has managed to create a buzz in the beauty community like I've never seen before. Apart from their exhaustive colour range, ColourPop's selling point is the $5 price tag, which covers their Lippie Stix, Lippie Pencils, and Super Shock Shadows/Pigments. (Their Super Shock Blushes, Bronzers and Highlighters are $8 each).

I'm definitely a matte lip lover, so after hearing glittering praise for their matte lipsticks, I placed an order for four Lippie Stix -- partly because I wasn't sure about any other shades, but mostly because the shipping charge is kind of tear-jerking. I think four lipsticks and an eyeshadow amounted to $17 USD in shipping.

The four I ordered were

  • Pitch: a dark, chocolate brown
  • Tootsi: a lavender-grey nude/greige
  • Brink: a warm, mid-tone dusty pink
  • I Heart This: a raspberry fuchsia

I do like the simplicity of the packaging and the fact that they resemble pens rather than bullets, but I can't help but wonder if they designed the Lippie Stix to be long to hide the fact that they only contain 1.0g of product (a third of a typical MAC Lipstick). I personally don't mind as I rarely finish an entire lipstick, and even with shipping charges added in, these still work out to be better value than a MAC Lipstick in Australia, though it's a different story for those living in the US. My only critique of the packaging is that there are some inconsistencies; some twist up easier than others and some don't appear to be aligned correctly, but these are minor gripes.

In terms of the formula, Tootsi and Brink are creamier and sheenier than Pitch and I Heart This, which are more traditionally matte in finish and seem to last longer on the lips, leaving behind a faint stain. They are fairly comfortable and forgiving on dry lips, though I usually find that this is the case with matte lipsticks more than glossier formulas. A quick note on the scent: I've heard people say that they like the MAC Lipstick-like scent to these, but I personally think these smell a bit like plastic with some vanilla thrown in as a cover up -- not particularly pleasant but I've had worse.



I Heart This


Tootsi with a touch of Pitch

On my golden medium/tan complexion, I find Tootsi (unsurprisingly) a tad pale, but I love adding in a bit of Pitch to create a cool toned brownish nude though the latter alone makes for a great statement dark lip. Brink, although a beautiful colour, is (surprisingly) a bit light and stark of a pink on me, pulling less warm than expected, but I think it might look better in the warmer months. I Heart This is a favourite of the bunch: a bright pop of colour perfect for all year 'round, plus, I reckon it'd suit everyone. I love fuchsia as a modern alternative to red.

My final thoughts? I like them, not as much as I thought I would, but I did have rather high hopes given the hype surrounding them is insane. I've got my eye on a few other ColourPop products (the blushes look STUNNING) but until (if ever) the shipping costs drop, I think I'll have to admire from afar.

NB: If you're looking to purchase some Lippie Stix, I strongly suggest looking up swatches as the descriptions and pictures on the ColourPop website aren't the most accurate. Also, if you live in Australia, expect to wait a few days for the dispatch of your order, and a couple of weeks for its arrival. I thought my package had gotten lost in the mail, but I was pretty impatient.

Edit: Despite my complaints about the extortionate shipping, I currently have six items in my ColourPop cart. I'm pretty sure I need them. All ob dem.
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