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A Zoeva First-Timer

6 June 2015

If you don't already own Zoeva brushes, chances are you're itching to get your hands on some. Recently, I scratched said itch (try saying that five times fast) and ended up with the ever-so-beautiful Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol. 2.

If you're not aware, Zoeva are a German-based brush and cosmetics company who, in recent years, have taken the beauty world by storm by producing great quality brushes that don't cost an arm and a leg. Although my interest had been piqued several times when Zoeva brushes were mentioned by bloggers or YouTubers, it wasn't until I spied the Rose Golden Vol. 2 sets that I knew an order was, well, in order--for lack of a better phrase.

I purchased my brushes directly from the Zoeva website as the Rose Golden Vol. 2 sets were out of stock on BeautyBay. It was quite a bit more expensive this way but I was so eager to get my greedy paws on these brushes that I didn't mind perhaps as much as I should have.

The overall experience was great, though. The brushes arrived in 6 business days and were nicely packaged with care.

That's right. I'm holding them brushes like I would the Olympic Torch.

I'm yet to use them because I can't bear the thought of washing such beautiful brushes for the first time, but when I eventually do, it'll be magic. I just know it.

Are you a fan of Zoeva brushes? That was rhetorical. I already know the answer.
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