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Currently Loving: Of Monsters And Men - Beneath The Skin

9 June 2015

I've spoken about my love for Of Monsters And Men before, but being the massive fan that I am, I've been so excited about the release of their second album that I think they warrant another mention on this blog.

Beneath The Skin gets released today -- three years after the positively-received My Head Is An Animal had kids and adults alike shouting 'HEY' to Little Talks. If you like folk/indie/pop/rock hybrids, I'm 99% certain you either loved their first album or will love their second, despite the marked differences between the two.

BTS is decidedly less upbeat and sing-along, which might take some by surprise, but what this album lacks in memorability, it makes up for in depth. The album is cohesive and the lyrics paint a story. The entire thing is sonorous and a breath of fresh, mountain air.

The standout songs for me are Crytsal, Hunger, and I Of The Storm. From the Deluxe edition: Black Water (Chris Taylor Of Grizzly Bear Remix), Winter Sound, and I Of The Storm (Alex Somers Remix).

Give it a listen if you haven't already.
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