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Makeup Swap With A Day In Her Makeup!

9 June 2015

I recently did a makeup swap with the lovely Hannah from A Day In Her Makeup! We were both keen on trying out some makeup from beauty brands that are difficult to come by in our respective countries, so we thought we'd send each other a few products.

Hannah was kind enough to pick me up an eyeshadow palette, two blush colours and two lipstick colours, as well as a cute makeup bag. She even wrapped it all up in polka dot tissue paper! Eeep! It definitely made for the most exciting of afternoons.

Onto the products...

Every time I see blog posts or YouTube videos featuring British high street brands, I do this thing where I visit the Boots website, open everything I wish to buy in a new tab, check for Australian shipping options, become frustrated at the lack of said options, and exit the site--in a slightly downcast fashion, I might add.

A product I've had my eye on lately is the Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in 'Nude'. I've heard so much about these palettes, which are undeniably inspired by the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palettes. I'd say Urban Decay have inspired the large majority of eyeshadow palettes to come out on the high street in recent years, though. While I'm not particularly interested in dupes for any of the three Naked Palettes, I was well excited about this Naked Basics one. I think the taupey-brown colours and the shape of the eyeshadow pans just get you. If you squint and hold the palette far away and pretend the black cardboard packaging is a wheat-brown colour, it's basically an UD Palette! Swoon! The smoothness and blendability of the eyeshadows themselves are also something to sing about. I can already tell it'll become a go-to for me.

I was also really excited to receive these Makeup Revolution Powder Blushers in 'Treat' and 'Sugar'. Treat is a beautiful peachy coral, AKA everyone's favourite blush shade, and Sugar is a mauvey pink that my cheeks can't wait to wear. It's pretty neat that someone else chose these for me as they're the two colours I would've picked out for myself! Just a note on applying these: I normally reserve stippling brushes for cream products but I'd recommend using one with these blushers so that you don't overdo it as these are fairly pigmented, though easy to blend.

The final things I received were these MUA Makeup Academy Lipsticks in 'Nectar' and 'Coral Flush'. First off, I'm guaranteed to love anything with a name like Nectar. It brings to mind a sweet, fruity drink. And flowers. And bees. All good things, unless you have allergies. Nectar is, again, everyone's favourite colour--a peachy coral. Coral Flush is an amazingly bright red coral that, straight off the bat, reminds me of the Hourglass Opaque Rouge in 'Muse'. I'm really looking forward to wearing these two warm-toned beauties.

A massive thank you to Hannah for doing this makeup swap with me! I'm over the moon with everything she picked out. Hopefully we can arrange more makeup swaps in the future. It's fun shopping for makeup but it's even more fun shopping for makeup when you're sending it to someone else!

Make sure you head over to A Day In Her Makeup to check out the beauty bits I sent Hannah! 
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