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The Bridal Lip

14 June 2015
If you imagine the kind of lip colour a bride would have on her wedding day, I reckon it'd be a little something like this...

I'm a stickler for bridal makeup. I just love how a bride on her wedding day has the power to leave everyone in a dreamy state of awe (I haven't been to very many weddings where the bride doesn't warrant the heart eyes emoji x 4). I love the way bridal makeup can be interpreted so many different ways with a myriad of combinations, but all are designed to make the bride look like the best possible version of herself.

But, if there's one look that's the epitome of timeless and classy, it's the glossy, rosy lip.

The Innoxa Full Colour Lip Cream in 'Simply Stunning' is the stunner in question. It's the perfect neutral, mid-tone rosey pink, and it has one of the most intriguing formulas I've ever come across. It's strange, but good. These lip creams go on like a cooling lip gloss, but are packed with colour and not at all sticky. They feel plush and cushiony on the lips; maybe even jelly-like!

A great lip liner to pair it with is the MAC Lip Pencil in 'Boldly Bare' -- a warm medium nude-ish pink with hints of brown and orange. I think it'd suit a lot of people's natural lip colour. MAC's Lip Pencil formula is also a great option for special events because of how matte it is.

What's your idea of the perfect bridal lip?
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