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The Skincare Drawer

5 June 2015

As much as I love makeup, I think I might love skincare even more. Ironically, my skincare arsenal isn't nearly as excessive as my makeup collection is. It's actually rather streamline, methinks...
It's not the most glamorous set-up, but I keep the majority of my skincare products in my bathroom basin drawer. The base is lined with a transparent, non-slip drawer mat from IKEA and the products--if they're not being thoughtlessly thrown in--are loosely grouped together. Most-used things are obviously kept at the front, followed by treatments on one side, face masks and lesser-used products behind, with body lotions placed somewhere in the mix.

Apologies for the artificial lighting in these pictures. There are no windows in my bathroom.

While none of my products are exorbitantly priced, I do believe that it's important to invest in skincare. This doesn't mean going out and buying the entire La Prairie counter or throwing all your hard-earned cash at the SK-II sales assistant. Instead, it means taking a real interest in looking after your skin. It means spending time learning about which ingredients are beneficial and which should be avoided. It most definitely means using more than just a face wipe to remove your makeup (and maybe even not using wipes on your face altogether). In the words of the great Karima McKimmie; 

"If you've taken the time and the effort to put on your makeup, why not take the adequate time to remove it properly?"

The great injustice for me is that I know people who don't blink an eye at the thought of sleeping in makeup or removing it only with a wipe, and their skin doesn't seem to be suffering the consequences, yet if I even so much as think about not double cleansing before sleeping, my face goes ape shit. It literally figuratively goes ape shit.

Still, there is every value in looking after one's face. As makeup lovers, if we can willingly part with $36 for a lipstick every two months, $46 for a swirly baked blush, and $78 for an eyeshadow palette where the pans constantly fall out, I think we can spend a little bit on the face we're putting all this makeup on. Sure, it might not always be as exciting to haul skincare than it is to haul makeup (I'm guilty of feeling that way sometimes), but it's beneficial in the long-term.

If you're on a budget, you can find some great products at a lower price-point--think brands like Indeed Labs, La Roche-Posay, First Aid Beauty and Olay. Otherwise, brands like Clinique, Peter Thomas Roth and Kate Somerville are known for having some products worth checking out too.

Somehow, this post has turned from a show and tell to a show and tell off.

Just a note: not all the products pictured are things I would personally recommend as a lot of it was purchased before I started taking note of ingredients. I now take a relatively no frills approach with my skincare. I try to stay away from irritants and stripping ingredients like fragrance (both synthetic and natural), alcohol and SLS. Mineral oil also isn't one to be receiving a Christmas card from me. 

Regarding the actual storage of these products: when I'm not thoughtlessly throwing stuff back in, products can be found loosely grouped. My most-used things are kept front and centre (liquid products stand upright and creamy products sit in the plastic container). Oils and treatments are kept on the sides, lesser-used products and face masks are kept behind, and body creams/butters are somewhere in the mix. It all makes sense in my head.
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