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A Cinematic Change of Heart

4 July 2015

Why I now love going to the cinema, plus three action-packed films everyone should see

I never used to appreciate the cinema. Sure, I understood why it's long been such a popular past-time, but I didn't quite understand why anyone, bar film critics and major enthusiasts, would pay to see more than a handful of films a year. The turning point came when I started seeing films that benefit from the cinematic experience with its wide screen and surround sound; films that, if watched at home, just don't have the same impact. 

Changing my attitude towards film genres also made a big difference. Typically, I like my entertainment to be light-hearted: enough drama to hold my interest, but not so much that I'm made to question the world around me, or dwell on what I've seen or read. This meant sticking to your standard chick flicks, animated blockbusters and comedies. Although I still very much enjoy these kinds of genres, I do realise it was a very small-minded approach to have. I've since been able to enjoy plenty more action-packed pieces and thrilling, thought-provoking pictures by keeping an open mind and not prematurely judging films.

The other factor which kept me away was ticket prices. I thought the days of movie tickets under $10 were long gone. It turns out that being a student has its perks. If you're a student in Australia, chances are you've probably signed up for an Event Cinemas CineBuzz card. If you haven't, you probably should. Perks include $8 movie tickets all day Monday, and $9 movie tickets Tuesday to Thursday between the hours of 2pm and 5pm, not to mention, every seventh movie you see is free! As long as you've got a student card, you're eligible to join. If you're not a student, I know that you can get affordable tickets if you're a customer of companies like Telstra or NRMA. Do a little digging and you'll find that you won't always need to pay full price.

Onto what you should see...

You know how every year there's a period where all the blockbusters seem to get released at the same time? I feel like we might be in the midst of that at the moment. There's still a few titles I'm keen on seeing, particularly Far From the Madding Crowd and Inside Out, but my top picks all happen to be sequels to major, classic movie franchises.

The dinosaurs are back: bigger and more fearsome in Jurassic World. The cinema was packed when I went to see this one, which is not surprising given it surpassed box office records. Although it started off a little slow, it soon became an exciting, edge-of-your-seat, clutch-the-arm-of-the-person-next-to-you type of movie. It definitely has something for everyone (apart from maybe kids who scare easily), even for people who wouldn't expect to enjoy a science-fictiony adventure. To be fair though, everyone likes dinosaurs and, more obviously, everyone likes Chris Pratt. He was the perfect casting choice. Just perfect, I tell ya.

For someone who had never seen any of the Terminator films *gasp*, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Terminator Genisys (dat spelling tho). Perhaps that is the exact reason I liked this; because there wasn't a gold standard to compare this to. If you're a huge fan of the originals, you might be disappointed by the predictability of this one, or bits that don't quite make sense, but as a Terminator first-timer slightly unsure of what to expect, you might lap it up. I think my favourite thing about seeing this film is that I now have a new appreciation for Arnie. He's finally more than just an 'I'll be baaaack'. 

Mad Max: Fury Road was this year's biggest surprise. I'll be honest, every single time I saw the trailer, I thought it looked bonkers (that's right, I used Dizzee Rascal's favourite word). I thought; nope, too much post-apocalyptic mayhem for my liking, I'll be skipping this one. I hesitantly dipped my toes in anyway, and I'm so glad I did. For such a simple plot playing sequel to the cult 80s franchise, the mad scientist that is George Miller managed to execute it brilliantly, heralding praise from critics and audiences alike. It really is a bit of an artistic masterpiece; from the cinematography to the soundtrack, to the makeup, costumes and props, it's all made for cinema viewing. Session times are limited at the moment so if you're interested in seeing it, I highly recommend doing so before it stops showing.

(I just had to include this picture; my dog wanted to join in on the camera action...)
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