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The Travel Brush Lineup

20 July 2015

Five brushes for a complete makeup look

Following on from the first and second instalments of my mini travel series, I'll be taking a minimal collection of makeup brushes.

Although I go through phases where I like applying makeup with my hands, I can't deny that brushes can sometimes make all the difference. The brushes I picked for this trip are not only affordable and travel-friendly, but are brushes I use on a very regular basis.

For undereye corrector, I'm bringing the Nude By Nature flat shader brush from their Professional Brush Kit, which I received as part of a birthday gift from a friend last year. This is meant to be an eyeshadow brush, but I find it too large and fluffy for that. Instead, it's great for a thick corrector/concealer-type product because of how soft and quick it places and blends product out in the delicate undereye area.

For concealer, I'm bringing none other than the Real Techniques Setting Brush. If you don't already own this, you need to. I love how effortlessly it blends out concealer -- both under the eyes and around the face. Real Techniques truly do have some of the best brushes on the market, and not just for the price. 'Nuff said.

For powder and blusher, I'm bringing the EcoTools Tapered Blush Brush. I know what you're thinking; "powder AND blusher? Surely you would use two separate brushes for that!" I would normally, yes, but for the sake of saving space, I think it's totally fine to turn this into a multi-tasker. My take is that since the blush I'm bringing is so pigmented, I'll only need the lightest touch to get my desired application, meaning there'll hardly be any pigment on the brush. A quick swipe on a paper towel (or the back of my hand if I'm feeling especially lazy) and the brush will be rid of any noticeable blush pigment.

For cream eyeshadow, I'm bringing the EcoTools Airbrush Concealer Brush. I once loved this brush for concealer, but lately I've been loving it for applying and blending out cream eyeshadows. It's dense and tapered, allowing you to be precise in moving around cream formulas. It's especially good when using it in a windscreen wiper motion. Highly recommend this one.

For blending out eyeshadow into the crease, I'm bringing the Nude By Nature domed blending brush from the aforementioned brush kit. This is probably my least favourite from the bunch as the brush hairs are longer than I'd prefer, making it slightly flimsy, but it's ultra soft and definitely usable.

I managed to fit all the brushes (or rather, choose brushes that fit) inside the travel case which came with the Nude By Nature kit. I like that it has structure to it, so my brushes should be safe from any splaying that could otherwise happen if I put them in a soft makeup bag.

What are some brushes you can't travel without?
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