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The Travel Skincare Kit

12 July 2015

Streamlined and suitcase-ready

Since I'll be going on a short trip soon, I thought I'd share what skincare bits I'll be taking along. I typically try to pack light, partly because I like the challenge of fitting everything neatly inside one suitcase, but mostly because I usually only fly with carry-on, so I kind of have to fit everything neatly inside one suitcase. The catch is, I loathe decanting products into little pots and bottles, so I picked out my smallest-packaged staples.

For cleanser, I'm taking a mini First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. I raved about this in a recent post because of how well it cleans without stripping or leaving behind a filmy residue, so I'm glad I have a travel-friendly size.

My hydrating serum of choice is the Indeed Labs Hydraluron. I've come to really love this stuff, so I can't imagine being without it even for a few days. I use it before any oils or moisturisers and I feel like it just helps boost the hydration my face gets.

If I want to target any particular skin concerns, I think one of the most effective products to use is a face oil, which is why I'm bringing along the Swisse Macadamia & Chamomile Face Oil. Dry patches, dull or distressed skin? This guy will have me sorted (I hope).

A product I've been using almost every day for a few months now is the Indeed Labs Pepta-Bright. It's described as a cream-serum that helps brighten and even out the skin tone. I've definitely noticed that my areas of pigmentation look somewhat faded, so I'm bringing this along as I like the results I get and have never been more than a day without it.

Last in the ziplock bag is a moisturiser: a mini First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream. I'm yet to try this, so I'll have to spend the next few days using it to make sure I'm not allergic to it and that it sits well on my skin, but reviews I've read seem to be generally quite positive.

For the sake of space, I've omitted what I don't think are absolute necessities in my skincare routine, or what I think I can go a few days without: toner, eye cream, exfoliator and face masks. Come next week, I may have to eat my words (whilst lamenting my badly beaten up skin), but until then, I think I'm happy with my choices. Of course, I'll have to pack some sort of makeup remover (I'm thinking micellar water, which I'll have no choice but to decant as I can't bring myself to pay $20 for a mini Bioderma) and sunscreen, but they'll be going in other bags.

I'll also be sharing what's in my travel makeup bag and travel brush set in upcoming posts, so stay tuned for that!

What are some of your travel skincare staples?
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