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Topshop: 5 Years of Beauty

20 July 2015

Topshop does some pretty cool clothes, and it turns out their makeup isn't half bad either

Topshop is synonymous with trendy high street fashion: the kind of pieces that make you look like you've put in effort but haven't tried too hard. Their beauty line (which turned five this year) follows suit.

Before this small haul, I'd only ever tried two Topshop beauty items before, so when their five year anniversary came around with drool-worthy limited edition packaging, I knew now was the time to broaden my scope.

The anniversary packaging covers the line's best-selling lip, eye, cheek and nail products, and features reflective rose gold accenting in place of the usual charcoal grey. I picked up three of the anniversary products (although I actually wanted to pick up six), as well as a new-ish cream eyeshadow in normal packaging.

Nails in 'Parma Violet'
I'd wanted to try a Topshop nail polish for the longest time but was always unsure of what the formula would be like. I'm pleased to say that this creamy, light, dusty purple didn't disappoint -- either in colour or formula. Although it was worryingly sheer on the first coat, the second and third were perfectly thick and opaque, controlled easily by the wide, flat brush (the only kind of brush nail polishes should come with). It's not a particularly long-wearing formula on me, as I started experiencing minor chipping by the third day, but I still like this one overall for how it applies and looks. You can see it on my nails here.

Glow Highlighter in 'Gleam'
When I think of makeup from Topshop, I think of this fella. Like the nail polish, I was worried that the formula wouldn't be up to scratch even though this is a much raved about product. I'm probably going against the grain when I say I like my highlighters to be subtle -- no glitter or obvious shimmer for me. I'm happy to report that this little pot of sheeny skin has my approval. I haven't worn it a full day yet so I'm not sure about lasting power, but it does give you a lovely glow, as the name would suggest. I've had my eye on the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer but I don't think I'll need it now that I've got a great budget alternative on hand.

Nude Eyes in 'Naked'
I do love a good cream eyeshadow, so when I saw that there was a collection of five very neutral shades, I couldn't help but pick one up. In the pot, Naked is a light, warm 70s mushroom brown. When swatched, it appears cooler and more taupey, but blends out on the eyes with an ever-so-slight hint of orangey warmth. It has a clay-like texture to it that reminds me of the MAC Paint Pots but with less colour pay-off, which I kind of enjoy as you can build the colour up as desired. I really like this one for a casual, quick eye look. 

Lips in 'Rio Rio'
I'll be honest, I originally planned on getting 'Beguiled', but after seeing that it has some shimmer running through it, I picked the most wearable colour left from the five anniversary lipsticks -- wearable, as in, won't look stark or chalky against my complexion (the other colours have some white pigment to them). Rio Rio is a bright, poppy red that made me think of MAC Lady Danger. Comparing the two, Lady Danger has an almost neon quality to it, pulling a tad more orange, but the two are in the same ball park in terms of colour. They both have a matte formula too, though MAC's is dryer. I usually go for deeper reds, so a bright one is a nice change.

MAC Lady Danger, Topshop Rio Rio

Topshop Rio Rio, MAC Lady Danger swatched

Topshop Rio Rio, MAC Lady Danger, Topshop Glow in 'Gleam', Topshop Nude Eyes in 'Naked' swatched

Wearing Topshop Nude Eyes in 'Naked', Topshop Glow in 'Gleam', and Topshop Rio Rio lightly patted in

Topshop Rio Rio with an opaque application

It's rare that I'll like everything I've hauled equally as much, but I do with this assortment of products. Topshop have done a top job at creating an appealing, on-trend beauty line. I'm really keen to try one of their cream blushes next time, as well as some more of their nail and lip colours.

Have you tried Topshop's makeup?
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