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Floral, Fresh and Oh-So-Dreamy

18 August 2015

Heavy, headache-inducing scents be gone! This trio of dreamy, floral, fresh-smelling goodness evokes thoughts of spring mornings by the lakeside.

When I was little, I'd watch people lavish themselves in scents and wonder how they could do it. Perfume and cologne, scented body lotion, candles and fragrance diffusers around the house... I had no tolerance at all, especially for perfume or candle shops as they were often full of strong smells that are, to me, synonymous with headaches and queasiness. 

As I got older, I started to appreciate scents once I started finding ones I liked. It turns out I like things that smell fresh and fruity; a bit of sweetness or crispness without being overly sugary like many a celebrity fragrance can be. I also like a good floral scent as long as it's light and subtle, rather than powdery. Although I still vehemently prefer non-scented face products, I've found three amazingly-scented body products that make me swooooon.

The Shower Gel

I know you can get a bunch of affordable, nice-smelling shower gels at the supermarket, but none smell as good as the Korres Waterlily Shower Gel ($18 AUD). I was standing at the Korres display in Mecca Maxima trying to decide between all the shower gel scents they do, and whether I should even buy one at all. It just so happens that I was feeling pretty down that day, so one of them naturally found their way into my basket. Waterlily is a lovely light, fresh, wet fragrance that smells partly how you'd imagine a waterlily to smell, and partly like watermelon. I can't imagine this smelling offensive to anyone! It lathers up nicely (SLS-avoiders, beware), and it's just all 'round delightful to use, plus, look how pretty the packaging is(!!!). Pricey for a shower gel, but worth every single penny.

The Perfume

If rose scents make you think of traditional powdery perfumes, you haven't smelt the Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater EDT (100ml, $70 AUD). I remember smelling this in the shop and instantly being hooked. I don't particularly like heady rose scents and rosewater makes me think of those sickly sweet rosewater desserts (eugh), but the Rosewater EDT is nothing like that! Again, it's light, fresh, green, appropriately sweet and smells like real rose petals bathed in cold water. It's definitely a youthful, demure, girl-next-door scent, which I think is perfect for teenagers or if you just don't like heavy scents. The only issue is that its lasting power sucks, although it is an EDT, so not entirely unexpected. I usually spray this on my clothes rather than on the skin as I find the scent lasts longer that way.

The Hand Cream

I'm not a big user of hand creams as I don't like the thought of my hands being out of action while the cream sinks in. However, on a recent trip to A'HA Beauty Store which stocks Korean products, I came across the Tony Moly Natural Green Hand Cream in 'Lotus' ($6 AUD). Lotus smells wet and floral, like a lotus flower, I would imagine. It doesn't quite have the fruity sweetness of the Korres Waterlily scent, but it does have a greenness to it which keeps it from being headachey. The cream itself is thin and lightweight: almost translucent and more on the watery than the oily side of creams. I only use it on the backs of my hands so I'm not sure how it would fare on the palms, but it sinks in easily from my experience. I picked up the Rose version at the same time, which is just as lovely, but if you fancy other flowers, they do ones like Cherry Blossom, Moringa, Acacia and Gardenia -- all of which have the most adorable packaging. I may just be a hand cream convert.

Which scents are you loving at the moment?
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