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MAC's Hush Isn't Something To Keep Quiet About

13 August 2015

MAC Cream Colour Bases are a favourite among makeup artists because of how versatile and multi-purpose they are. You can use them on the cheeks, eyes and lips or layer it under or over foundation depending on the colour. While they do loads of colours, I think Hush is quietly the star of the show.

I've noticed a pattern with my posts. Apparently I like to beat around the bush. It seems I'll start off with a bit of a story that eventually details how and why I ended up with the product(s) in question and at what time and did I have the chicken sandwich or the burrito for lunch that day and did I remember to fill up the car because petrol prices haven't been too outrageous right now? (((I think you get the point))). In continuation of this bloggerly ritual, today's waffle involves the MAC Cream Colour Base in 'Hush'

Being a Myer One member, I received my birthday gift voucher in the mail last month and decided I needed to make quick use of it. My list of potential targets included the Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener, an Illamasqua Vintage Metallix Cream Eyeshadow or a Clarins Ombre Matte Eyeshadow. I didn't end up with any of those, as you can tell, because the shades I wanted were either out of stock or not what I had hoped they would be. Not to fear, though, as I remembered Hush in all its pretty goodness.

The sales assistants at MAC actually had trouble finding a Hush for me to purchase. I'm not sure about you, but when I'm shopping, I have a barrage of doubts when purchasing something. So when I'm told the item I'm looking for is out of stock, I almost feel relieved, taking it as a sign that I'm not meant to have it. Except that MAC happened to have a random storage cupboard somewhere else in the Myer beauty department, so alas, Hush became mine.

In the pan, Hush is a beautiful burnished, coppery pink. It reminds me of a glass of rosé. When swatched, it's a bit more of a peachy pink. When blended out, it leaves a lovely, subtle shimmery gleam. I love how it looks on the skin, but I do wish it applied more like how it looks in the pan. Sometimes I go back through my blog photos just to look at how pretty this fella is. It's the colour of hot mugs of honey lemon tea and of sunny mornings and Saturday sleep-ins and of butterflies fluttering about. I heart-eye emoji it so hard.

Although you could use Hush as a highlighter or lid colour, I think its warmth really lends itself to being used as a blush topper. It adds such a lovely warm, peachy sheen that I don't think it needs to be restricted to the tops of cheekbones when it can be used on the whole cheek! Well, not the whole cheek, just on top of or in place of your regular blush. I expected the texture to feel like a cream blush, but it's harder and less malleable than that, so it works fine over powder blush.

Hush really isn't a product you need, and it's probably not something you'd use everyday, but it's so ridiculously pretty. It's so ridiculously pretty that it might even warrant the use of your Cannot Deals and your I Can't Evens. Their Cream Colour Base in 'Pearl' also looks pretty drool-worthy, but I might have to wait till the next gift voucher comes my way.
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