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New Skincare Additions

12 August 2015

Although my skincare routine is well-established, Priceline's recent 40% Off Skincare Sale prompted me to give some new products a try. Featuring items from Antipodes, People For Plants, Sanctuary Spa and Nuxe, this natural quintet didn't fail to impress.

When Priceline announces they'll be having one of their 40% off sales, it's more than acceptable to spend the next three hours gathering intel on every product they stock, just like it's perfectly fine to arrive before the doors open: shopping list and credit card in tow.

Alright, so I don't actually get there before they open up shop (though if I wasn't such a late person, I totally would), but I do spend a sizable chunk of time researching what to buy. You can't go into sales like that without a plan of action and expect to survive. It can't be done. 

After doing said research, I decided on a handful of products, which just so happen to all promote natural ingredients. I feel like I've been around the block with natural products. When I first started getting into skincare, I was all over the natural stuff because it automatically sounds better for your skin than synthetics. Then I had a phase of ditching my natural products in favour of more potent and effective skincare, assuming that if it was natural, it probably wasn't going to do much for me. I'm now happily at a place where I use both kinds of products interchangeably depending on what works for my skin. I focus more on individual ingredients and proven results rather than avoiding one group, natural or synthetic, as a whole. Just because it comes from nature, doesn't necessarily make it good for you, and just because it was created in a lab, doesn't necessarily make it harmful. Seems like balance really is key in most things.

The NUXE RĂªve de Miel Lip Balm is a constant in my life. If you're not familiar, it's a very thick, dry lip balm -- probably the furthest away from Vaseline Petroleum Jelly you could possibly get. It nourishes my lips brilliantly, but because of the texture, I reserve this fella for nighttime use. I've used the same pot almost every night for two years. TWO YEARS. It boggles me when I see others consistently use up products, especially if they've got a big beauty collection. I'm only now just starting to near the end of mine, so I thought a sale would be a good time to purchase another, even though buying backups is never as exciting as buying something you've never tried before. In fact, I'd say I almost have to convince myself to invest in the same products if I like them, because I'm a magpie and new things will always be more shiny. 

A new eye cream was definitely on the cards, as I've only ever used two in my life. I'm lucky not to suffer from dry undereyes, so I'm never really too fussed about eye creams. As long as it feels nice and doesn't irritate my eyes or contacts, I'm content. I decided to give the People For Plants Eye Cream a go because it seemed like it would be a gentle and soothing option since it contains calendula and chamomile; plus, the brand's packaging gets me every time. I know packaging shouldn't have so much bearing on decision making, but I just love how their products are so cute and colourful without looking childish or obnoxious. Also, being a typography enthusiast makes me really want to know what fonts they use on their labels. As for the cream itself, it's a thin, milky consistency and a little goes a long way. This doesn't claim to do wonders and I haven't seen any evidence of it doing so anyway, but I'm liking this as a lightweight, fragrance-free option.

The beauty world seems to be obsessed with facial spritzes and sprays and mists, but I can't say I'm on the bandwagon. I thought I'd try out the Antipodes Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner just to see if it could change my mind on the matter. Like People For Plants, I love how Antipodes package their products, including the spray mechanism they used for this. It delivers a fine and even misting so you're not left with stingy eyes or big droplets on your face. The toner, like many others, smells like roses/rosewater, but not in too much of a heavy, powdery or perfumey way. I'm not sure if this actually does anything, but I suppose it does give you a slight bit of refreshment. It's a nice toning spray -- don't get me wrong, but it hasn't convinced me that facial mists are a necessity in skincare routines. I'm glad to have it, sure, but I probably wouldn't have purchased it at full price, 'tis all.

If I were to choose a favourite from this haul, it would have to be the Sanctuary Spa Therapist's Secret Facial Oil. It's got ingredients like sunflower, wheatgerm and jojoba oils, among others, and although it goes on pretty oily (not a dry oil), it sinks in really well overnight. I wake up with skin that looks hydrated, less dull, and just generally better. I wouldn't say it's a miracle worker, if such a thing even exists, but I like that I can see a difference between when I use this versus when I don't. I can't think of any downfalls with this oil, but just a note that it is rather pungent. I've been trying for the last fortnight to pin down the scent, but the closest (yet not wholly accurate) description I can give is that it smells like a big bowl of cucumber pulp (or juice) and various herbs. It's not exactly unpleasant, but you can sort of smell it on the skin and the scent does linger on the hands.

The final product--another lip balm--is the People For Plants Organic Lip Balm in 'Manuka Honey & Shea'. I have the Pink Grapefruit & Sweet Fennel version of this lip balm and I use it on the daily, so why not add another to the collection? I wouldn't call these deeply nourishing like I would the lip balm from NUXE, but I kind of like that for the daytime as it doesn't interfere with eating and drinking and works well under lipsticks if blotted. There's also no discernible smell or taste for me; or maybe a teensy bit honey-ish if I really take a whiff. If you like balms that feel slippy (but not oily!), I think you'll like these.

Will any of these natural beauties be getting a rose from you? (I really need to stop watching The Bachelor...)
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