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The Body Shop does Italian Summer Figs

8 August 2015

As Iggy Azalea (or 'Figgy' Azalea) once rapped; "First thing's first, I'm the realest". It's clear now that she must have been talking about The Body Shop's Italian Summer Fig EDT.

It was a bitterly cold afternoon. I had just finished my much-dreaded statistics class, and was feeling surprisingly optimistic. The class didn't go as badly as I thought it would. I may have even whispered something to the effect of "stats, schmats!", fist pumping when I realised I might actually be able to pass the unit. Being on a high naturally lead me to The Body Shop, where I saw that they had their new Italian Summer Fig line on display.

I love a good fig scent but because I'm not a big wearer of perfume, I wasn't sure if I wanted to splash out on the likes of Diptyque's Philosykos or Wild Fig and Cassis by Jo Malone. That's why I'm over the moon to have found an affordable figgy offering by The Body Shop.

The Italian Summer Fig EDT $36.95 smells of sweet, juicy figs on a mild summer’s day. On my skin, it starts off fresh and green like fig trees bearing not-yet-ripe fruit. As it dries down, I get more of the floral notes coming through, as well as some woodiness, warmth, and hints of honey. But my favourite thing about this scent; the one thing that really makes it for me, is its milky, creamy quality -- it's almost got me a little obsessed!

I was initially sceptical about how well the scent would last on the skin, but it holds up surprisingly well for an eau de toilette. I get close to a whole day's wear out of this. In terms of the packaging, I could honestly take it or leave it. I suppose the bottle is cute in a way, but the lid is kind of difficult to remove and the spray doesn't spritz as finely as I'd like, but I guess it's all reflective of the price.

Alongside the EDT, The Body Shop have a fragrance mist, a body cream, shower gel, and a body lotion in the Italian Summer Fig range -- perfect as Australia starts its steady climb into the warmer months (though lesbihonest, I foresee myself wearing this one all year 'round).

Do you dig the fig?
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