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8 August 2015

Forget the brushes -- Zoeva does makeup!

Okay, so don't forget the brushes. The brushes are amazing and worth every penny, but the makeup scrubs up pretty nicely too.

Being a regular on Beauty Bay, I'd always seen that Zoeva offered makeup alongside their brushes, and that definitely had my interest piqued. Could their makeup really be as good as their brushes? After scouring the internet for reviews and swatches and hearing nothing but positive thoughts, I decided to be spendy one afternoon and made an order.

The star of the show and what initially prompted my interest was this beauty: the Naturally Yours Palette. I know everyone's enjoying the Cocoa Blend Palette right now (which does look enticing), but I went for the more neutral option given I'm a bit of a plain Jane with eye looks.

The palette comes in slim, sturdy-enough cardboard packaging and features ten varying shades of beige and brown (plus a black!). Although it looks fairly standard or maybe even boring, there are a few shades in here that are more special than they look, which for me, prevents this palette from being a forgettable, back-of-your-drawer product.

Of these 'special shades', Smooth Harmony is a lovely peachy champagne, Sweet Sound is a bronzey chestnut, and Forever Yours, my personal favourite, is an intriguing brown with its red and blue shimmer. The eyeshadows all have a smooth, though not-quite-buttery texture, with some being more pigmented than the others. All in all, it's certainly not a must-have in the ever-growing world of eyeshadow palettes, but I'm glad I have it nonetheless.

What is a must-have, however, is the Cream Eye Liner in 'Baroque': a warm, bronzey truffle shade similar to Sweet Sound from the palette. Somehow, Baroque is a perfect name, because the shade reminds me of something ornate and metallic like jacquared fabric. The texture is where it gets real interesting, though. It's unbelievably soft. It's literally like softened butter, but packs a punch with the pigment. The first time I used this, I had too much on the brush and my eyes very quickly turned into a hot mess (it's just so darn spreadable, it went everywhere). Once you stop with the blending, though, it does stay and last like a good cream liner should. By far my favourite of bunch. I'm even kind of tempted to order the plummy shade next time 'round.

Another really, really, ridiculously good-looking creamy product from Zoeva is their Luxe Cream Lipstick in 'Melting Kisses'. Again, it's soft and buttery and feels amazing on, so it's probably a dream formula for anti-matte lip lovers. I'm a big fan of the gunmetal grey packaging and the fact that it comes with a magnetic closure (swoon) but my problem lies with the colour I chose. Melting Kisses is a bright, tropical, pink-coral which looks sort of horrendous on my complexion, though I do imagine it would look lovely on someone with a lighter skin tone and hair colour. I think I would've been able to appreciate the formula had I chosen a colour closer to the natural hue of my lips, except that a colour like that doesn't exist in this range -- the majority are even brighter than Melting Kisses! If, however, you like your bold lips to have ultra-creamy formulas, I think you'll like these.

Have you tried any products from Zoeva's makeup range?
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