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If You Buy One Palette...

16 May 2016

In the sea of eyeshadow palettes that are available, it can be tough deciding which one (or ones) to buy. Although I love me a good palette, I find I'm quite selective when it comes to purchasing them. For some reason, I'm totally okay with buying more lip products than I need, but the thought of buying eyeshadow palettes and not using them weirdly seems more wasteful to me. I can't bring myself to buy a palette if the shades aren't buttery soft and easy to blend, or if it has shades in it I'd never use (I'm a boring neutral girl through and through). 

With that being said, when I first heard that Tarte were releasing a sister to their popular Tartelette Palette, I was immediately drawn in. I considered buying the original and would swatch it during each Sephora visit, but looking back on it, I think what kept me from buying it was that the colours just seemed a little meh, especially in comparison to the beauty that is the Tartelette In Bloom Palette

While the original is entirely matte and leans cool and purpley in tone, its shiny new counterpart is warmer and more rosy, and includes three lustre-finish eyeshadows for added drama. Both are made up of Tarte's famed Amazonian Clay formula, which supposedly boasts smoothing and long-lasting properties -- something which is true in my experience.

When I first swatched the In Bloom Palette I was taken aback, not only by how the palette smells of vanilla, but by how smooth the shadows felt (and not just the shimmers!). There's not a dud or chalky matte shade in sight. Something to note, though, is that the shadows do kick up a little bit of powder when you dip your brush in, but it's not nearly bad enough to be an issue. It doesn't, for example, leave your palette completely covered in fallout after you use it. 

In terms of the packaging, I love how slim and compact the palette is. I can't stand bulky or unnecessary packaging, so props to Tarte for being able to house 16 decently-sized shadows in a sleek way. I also love the bright floral design on the front. It's just so eye-catching and cheery. My only criticism, which is tiny, is that the kind of plastic used feels a little cheap. It's light (obviously good for travelling), but in a way that makes it creak a bit when I open it. Not a big deal at all, though!

Now, If I could describe the Tartelette In Bloom Palette in a single word, it would be 'cohesive'. The concept, the colours, and the way they're arranged; they just kinda fit, ya know? Nothing looks out of place. I love and would use all the shades, but personal favourites would be using 'Smarty Pants' as a transition shade, 'Rebel' in the outer-V, and 'Leader' for definition. I definitely prefer the matte shades to the shimmery ones, as the shimmers are just a touch on the chunky side. They're great for accenting the eyes though.

I think with the amount of neutral palettes out there, it's easy for some to look a little boring or lacklustre, but this is a palette I genuinely get excited to use. I just see so many possibilities when looking at it. It really is a *Nigel Thornberry voice* smashing product.

If you buy one palette, I think the Tarte Tartelette In Bloom is the way to go. I mean, I might even like it more than I like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, and that's pretty major.

What's a favourite neutral eyeshadow palette of yours?

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