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Lancôme Bans the Boring With Their New Juicy Shakers

5 May 2016

Lancôme is a brand I've always felt was geared towards the professional, working woman or the classy, elegant mum. Recently though, under the helm of makeup artist extraordinaire Lisa Eldridge, they've brought out a bunch of products that still exude Parisian chic but have a little more of a youthful feel. Lisa also seems to be very knowledgeable about makeup trends and innovations, and the newer products definitely reflect this. Perhaps, like Estée Lauder, it's their attempt at marketing to a younger age group of makeup users. Whatever it is, they definitely caught my interest with their new lip release.

The Juicy Shaker ($34 AUD) is a lip oil that combines nourishing ingredients like apricot, cranberry, peach, and sweet almond oils, and pigment which leaves a tint on your lips after applied. After watching some positive reviews on Youtube and seeing these all over Instagram courtesy of their #bantheboring ad campaign, I decided to try these for myself. I ordered the colours 'Mangoes Wild', a reddish-pink popsicle colour, and 'Berry in Love', a fuchsia purple.

When I first applied them, they felt great. The only lip oil I had tried before was the Clarins Instant Light Comfort Oil which was nice but unexpectedly sticky. These ones, however, feel exactly how you'd imagine a lip oil would feel. They're very comfortable and lightweight and there's a slip to them. They don't slide around but I think the slip factor does keep them from lasting well on my lips. On me, they last about three hours if I'm not eating or drinking, and fade the minute I am. I should point out though that it's the oil that fades. The pigment definitely leaves a stain, which is great, but my issue is that every time I reapply to get the lip oil's 'nourishing' qualities, I have to also deposit another layer of colour. In other words, I think I'm just slightly disappointed that these weren't more sheer, or don't err more on the side of lip care instead of makeup.

Despite this, I really like these. They're a lot of fun to use, as you have to shake them to combine the oils and pigment, and you get to bounce the product onto your lips via the soft and super spongey applicator. I love that they're shaped like cocktail shakers, and I love the whole premise behind them, but I would say to just keep in mind that they are makeup products with some nice ingredients added, rather than products that will treat or improve dry lips. They're comfortable when on, but if you had dry lips before wearing them, your dry lips will probably still be there when these wear off. I'm not sure if that's to do with the fact that these contain alcohol and fragrance but hey, if they smell nice, no one will care, right?

I do wish cosmetics companies were less invested in making products smell nice as I'm sure many would happily forgo a nice scent if it meant there was less chance of people's skin reacting badly to fragrance additives. In saying that, the Juicy Shakers do smell exactly like their shade name. 'Mangoes Wild' smells similar to that mango scent YSL loves, and 'Berry in Love' has a tartness like crushed berries, but I'm not absolutely taken or besotted with the scents or think that they're a real selling point.

One last note: if you live in Australia and have seen Youtubers talking about that cool blue shade, just know that it -- along with many other shades -- aren't available here because why let Australians have access to the full colour range? 
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