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Pretty Polish: Essie 'Double Breasted Jacket'

26 May 2016

If there's one nail polish brand the beauty community is obsessed with, surely it's Essie. From their wide array of colours to their ultra cute packaging, Essie polishes are a collector's dream. I know some people don't get on with the Essie formula (I, myself, sometimes being one of those people), but today's pretty polish is a cut above the rest.

Essie 'Double Breasted Jacket' is a loud but darkened pinky red. I say 'loud' because it's still quite eye-catching, but definitely not in-your-face or on the same level as a fire engine red. The raspberry tones bring it down a notch and, in my opinion, make it oh so sophisto. I'm not one to ever go for bright red nails so I did have my doubts about this colour, but once on, it blew all my reservations aside, to the point where I couldn't stop staring at my hands! It's super flattering on my skin tone, but I also really do see this colour working on everyone. What the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in 'Cruella' does for my face, Double Breasted Jacket does for my hands. It's brilliant.

But you know what else is brilliant? The formula of this polish. It's thin (not a hint of goopy-ness in sight), is opaque in one coat, and stays shiny under a top coat. The brush is also one of Essie's flatter, user-friendly brushes, so the polish gets extra points for ease of application. On me, I started seeing signs of wear on the second day of wear, though I think that kind of depends on how much you're doing with your hands. I handled money for a few hours (checkout chick life) and scrubbed a few pots and pans, and the polish only wore off a tiny bit on the tips of my nails, which I MUCH prefer to chipping. The photos were actually taken after three days of wear, and I think they look pretty decent.
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