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ZOEVA Rose Golden Vol. 2 Brushes: A Review

14 May 2016

German company ZOEVA are a heavyweight in the affordable makeup brush playing field. What I think sets them apart from other brush brands is their continual focus on bringing out new, on-trend handle designs (they've since brought out Rose Golden Vol. 3). In other words: their brushes be sah pretty. A quick scroll through their brush sets will have you drooling and torn between which ones to buy. If you like rose gold, ZOEVA brushes were made for you.

I purchased the Rose Golden Vol. 2 Luxury Set, and Complete Eye Set after seeing the brushes on Kate La Vie. Everyone knows Kate's photography styling skills are top-notch, so I think in my head, I equated me buying the Rose Golden brushes with the guaranteed improvement of my photography (lol).

Pretty looks aside, do I think these brushes are must-haves?

Yes and no. I'll explain...

Let's start off with the 104 Buffer, which is a flat-top kabuki brush. I use this for applying foundation...except that I don't, because I dislike this brush. I did have high hopes for it as it's made of soft, synthetic taklon hairs and is super dense which is usually desired in a buffing brush. I prefer to apply foundation with a stippling motion though, so the issue for me is that this brush is a little too dense, to the point where it almost feels like I'm punching my face with each stipple. Perhaps if you like to use more of a buffing motion, you'll like this brush, but I've got far too many textural issues to be doing that.

Another brush in the Luxury Set is the 126 Luxe Cheek Finish. It's a natural hair brush and is a good size for applying blush or for precise powdering. I like this brush enough except for the fact that it sheds, and sheds every time I use it. I'm not sure if it's a widespread issue or if it's just mine in particular, but I don't really like picking hairs off my face. It's not scratchy or terrible though, so I'll continue to use this.

From the Compete Eye Set, the 142 Concealer Buffer is a synthetic brush that looks as though it'd be good for spot or undereye concealing. Unfortunately in my experience, it's too dense and stiff for the delicate undereye area (it actually kind of hurts!) and when used for covering blemishes, it seems to soak up or wipe away the product. Thankfully, the negativity stops there. I absolutely love using this brush to apply thick cream eyeshadows like the MAC Paint Pots or the Maybelline Color Tattoos. I just dab it into the eyeshadow pot then sweep it back and forth over the lid or crease, and it deposits and blends the product perfectly.

There are a lot more brushes in the two sets I purchased, but the final ones I think are noteworthy are the blending brushes. ALL the blending brushes. Pictured are two of the 228 Luxe Crease brushes, the 221 Luxe Soft Crease, and the 227 Luxe Soft Definer. They're lovely and soft and really do blend powder eyeshadows like a dream. I love that they give you different shapes in the one set: a regular blending brush, a fluffier one, and a tapered one, so that all your blending needs are covered. These brushes are definitely the standouts of the bunch for me.

If you were considering purchasing either the Luxury Set or the Complete Eye Set, I'd say to go for the latter. I don't necessarily regret purchasing the set with more face brushes, and I can't speak for all the brand's face brushes as they make such a wide range, but I do think their eye brushes are worth having -- and not just because of the prettiness factor!

Do you own ZOEVA brushes? What other affordable brush brands do you like using?
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