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2 June 2016

One of my favourite things about rummaging through my collection of makeup is becoming nostalgic about the memories behind certain products. Sure, many of them were purchased on a whim or without much thought or at an inconsequential time, but some hold a pivotal place in my makeup timeline. When I look at these products, I'm reminded so clearly about where I was or how I was feeling at the time I purchased them. Even though the makeup itself is material, the memories they conjure are intangible and will often bring a smile to my face, which always makes them worth the money, though I only ever know this in hindsight.

Remember when these bad boys first hit the market? They revolutionised powders, so much so that HOURGLASS went on to create every derivative/limited edition spin-off of these powders imaginable. After hearing rave review after rave review, I asked to be waitlisted at Mecca Cosmetica which was pretty exciting for 17-year-old me. I recall thinking that the sixty-something dollar price tag was hefty but that it'd totally be worth it, and I did use it every day for a while, though you can hardly tell. 
The special thing about this powder is that it makes me think of all those hours I spent browsing Mecca Cosmetica in the Sydney CBD during my first year of uni. First year uni was tough for me, and it got to the stage where I'd skip classes because the thought of going would riddle me with anxiety. Eventually I decided to stop uni and return only when I felt ready (which, by the way, was the best decision I ever made), but until I made that decision, going to Mecca acted as an escape for me. I had so many great chats with the lovely staff there, who were always so attentive, helpful, and were never condescending considering I was still a teen at the time. I love Mecca Maxima because it's become so accessible, but Mecca Cosmetica will always be number one.

Similarly to the powder, I purchased this lipstick during my first year of uni. The David Jones Elizabeth Street Beauty Hall was also one of my favourite places to visit, and on this occasion, I was feeling keen to treat myself to something luxe. I did try on a foundation, but the sales assistant was rather honest and didn't push me to buy it because he could tell I wasn't totally comfortable with it. I was still an eager beaver though, so I ended up with this beaut of a sheer lipstick. I'll be honest, I felt so fancy and chic carrying this lipstick around, and for someone who's always been shy applying or touching up my makeup in public, I seemed to have no issue whipping this YSL number out.

All Fired Up wasn't my first lipstick from MAC, but I associate it with good times because I wore this on numerous outings with my parents. It was bright, it was bold, it was a Retro Matte, but I still felt so confident and carefree wearing this. As a family, we always enjoyed going on day trips, whether that involved mountains, beaches, or the CBD. We don't get to go out together nearly as often as we used to though, so All Fired Up sits there as a little reminder of all the wonderful trips we did get to have.

This was another purchase made in the David Jones Elizabeth Street Beauty Hall. I bought this little guy on Boxing Day back in 2013. I told my parents I'd be at DJs trying to nab myself a bargain in the sale, and vividly remember instead coming back with this tiny compact of undereye corrector that was bought at full price. Perhaps it wasn't the most appropriate time to have bought it, but I was happy to have it in my life after hearing so many people speak of its wonders. I think I ended up hitting pan on it within a few months, which is pretty miraculous as I rarely ever hit pan on anything.

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne
This was the product that spawned the idea for this post. I was rearranging my beauty set-up this morning and — probably in another attempt to avoid working on my overdue essay — decided to pick this out from my collection of fragrances and spritz it on myself. I love how our sense of smell is so strongly linked to our memory, and this scent instantly took me back to Melbourne, which was where I purchased it. I was shopping alone in Melbourne's CBD last year and eventually found myself drifting over to the Jo Malone set-up. Everyone knows that JM fragrances are dreamy, but at close to $100 AUD for 30ml, I've always looked at them as a super luxe treat, or the kind of thing someone else gets for you as a gift. On this occasion, the gifter was me and the giftee was also me. I tested almost every fragrance they had on display and spent ages deliberating under the guide of one very patient sales assistant. In the end, she suggested I try Nectarine Blossom & Honey if I was a fan of fruity scents, and I immediately knew it was the one. It's such a fresh peachy scent, and although that particular holiday was a time I'd rather forget, for a small moment there as I walked out onto Bourke Street with my pretty Jo Malone bag, my world was just a little bit more peachy.
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