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Say Bye Bye To Redness?

26 September 2016

As  someone who suffers from chronic redness on my cheeks, I'm always interested in a colour correcting solution. So often, though, they end up just being an extra layer of product, doing little to conceal the redness. Standard green correctors are usually too light in tone and look chalky on the skin, so the idea of a skin tone shade of corrector was intriguing to me. 

Bye Bye Redness by IT Cosmetics is described as a "neutralising correcting cream". It has a cream-to-powder finish and is supposed to be pretty heavy duty stuff. It only comes in one shade: "Universal Beige", which looks to be close to an NC25. Side note: "universal"? Really IT Cosmetics?

Universal Beige is, unsurprisingly, too light for my skin tone, and there's a good chance it won't match yours either. I use this underneath a medium/buildable-full coverage foundation, though, so it's not much of an issue for me. If the shade matches your skin tone, I'd say you could definitely use it alone as your all-in-one base. If you're a lot fairer or a lot deeper, it might not look quite right  even if just underneath foundation.

What I like about Bye Bye Redness is that it does cover my redness more so than if I were to just use foundation alone. I know people have complained that you don't get a lot of product in the tiny pot, but I still feel like it'll last me a while because the coverage is quite concentrated.

What I don't like about this correcting cream, however, is that it clings to dryness. Really, we have ourselves stage one clinger here. This wasn't so much of a problem when my skin was normal/oily, but my skin has been looking disastrous lately. It's dry and dehydrated, and if we're being fair, I suppose any base product might emphasise the dryness. Still, I can't get over how bad my makeup looks some days when I use this. It conceals the redness, but draws attention to skin texture. It's like a lose/lose trade-off. The packaging is also really finicky. I'm someone who is really careful and clean when applying makeup, but with this, I always end up making a mess of things. If you're going to travel with it, I'd suggest depotting some into small jar to make things easier.

I think that Bye Bye Redness might work best if you're looking to cover some redness here and there, but have a medium skin tone with minimal textural issues. If you don't fit that bill, I can see potential issues arising.

I'll continue to use this corrector up (it was kind of pricey), but for now, I can't say it's the miracle redness solution I've been looking for. The search continues.
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