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An Amazing Cleansing Balm From An Unlikely Source

31 October 2016

Ciaté London is a brand one might associate with nail polish and playful mani designs. Recently, they've ventured into the world of makeup. I've yet to try any of it but, while on the hunt for a new cleansing balm, came across their makeup remover: a cleansing balm they call, 'Makeup Melter'. 

Could I really try a cleansing balm from Ciaté? Perhaps it's because they started off as a nail brand, or maybe it's the lack of other skincare items in their range, but I definitely had some reservations. The glowing reviews on the American Sephora website and the relatively affordable price tag won me over in the end, though, so I went ahead and purchased it.

The Ciaté Makeup Melter comes in a frosted glass jar with 40ml of product. Ciaté describe this as a makeup remover for lips, lids and lashes, which could explain why you get a bit less product than in most other cleansing balms. Still, I decided to try this as a whole-face makeup remover, because if it works well for that, then why not? 

MECCA in Australia retails this for $28, which makes it quite accessible for those not wanting a high-end price tag, though in terms of cost per ml, other options like the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm and The Body Shop Sumptuous Camomile Cleansing Butter are far better value.

A cleansing balm or cleansing oil has been my preferred method of makeup removal for years now. Since first using them, I can't bring myself to trust any other type of cleanser to get the bulk of my makeup off. To me, a good cleansing balm should melt easily into an oil, shouldn't irritate the eyes, and should emulsify and rinse off well so that no weird film or residue is left.

I'm happy to say that the Ciaté Makeup Melter ticks all the boxes of a good cleansing balm. In fact, it's the best I've tried so far! It's so silky and smooth (ensuring that makeup removal is effortless), it's unscented, and it rinses away cleanly. It feels much more luxurious than its $28 price, and I'll certainly be repurchasing it when I run out. The only downside is that I can see myself running out of it really quickly because of the small size of the jar, but I suppose I can't be surprised considering it's marketed as an eye and lip makeup remover.

Do you have a holy grail cleansing balm?
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