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Healthy Ways To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

22 November 2016

I think it's safe to say that most of us struggle with keeping our sugar cravings at bay. Even as someone who would happily pick something savoury over something sweet, my sweet tooth still likes to pay me a visit mid-morning or in the late afternoon, or both (usually both). 

I'm not so affected by sugary foods, but drinks are a different story. Maybe it's a sign that my body is lacking something, but I'm always looking for something to quench my thirst. Instead of going out and grabbing a milk tea or one of the artificial, sugary offerings at Starbucks, my go-to is coconut water. I think most people have tried coconut water but I've found that the brands stocked in major supermarkets don't taste particularly nice. They taste kind of odd to me, almost as if the juice comes from old or off coconuts. My personal favourite comes from a brand called Tipco. They have a stockist list here, but you can usually find them in Harris Farm, Asian grocers, or independent fruit and veg shops. It's unbelievably refreshing and it tastes as though it's come from a fresh, young coconut near the beaches of Thailand (not exaggerating). Plus, if the nutritional value label is correct, a 200ml serving only has about 5g of sugar, which is about a third of what you might find in a sweet iced tea or otherwise.

Another drink I like to make is an iced chocolate using cocoa or cacao powder. Raw cacao powder has the chocolatey taste we love without any of the sugar that gets added in when companies turn it into drinking chocolate. I just take a spoonful or two in a glass, add some hot water, some soy or almond milk, some ice cubes, and I've got myself a nice, cold, chocolatey drink. Sometimes I experiment and add some matcha powder in the mix to get a choc matcha combination. It really is delicious if you like the taste of green tea!

At night, I try and forgo dessert and opt for a tea instead. My favourite cuppa at the moment is the Madame Flavour Tea Treats in the Mint Choc Rooibos variety. If you love anything choc-mint, then this tea is definitely for you. It's not sweet at all, but you can taste the hints of chocolate alongside the mint. I like drinking this at night because rooibos tea is caffeine-free, so it won't affect your sleep. Like the cacao powder, I feel like the choc-mint flavour tricks my mind into thinking I'm consuming something sweet when I'm not. It's perfect for satiating any dessert cravings and helping me wind down before bed. If the choc-mint pairing isn't your cup of tea (literally), there's a choc-orange ceylon or caramel oolong option.

My last suggestion is a bit of a random one, but hear me out. If you're someone who constantly licks your lips, try the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. It tastes really sweet, just like you'd expect agave to, but it's so thick and nourishing on the lips that you'd actually be helping to heal any dryness in the mean time. All the ingredients Bite Beauty uses are food-grade as well, so you'd not be ingesting any nasties when you do happen to lick your lips or eat with it on. My theory is that if you're tasting something sweet throughout the day, however small or intermittently, it might help curb some of those sugar cravings. Or, you know, you could sit there and sniff the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette... Well, maybe not, but whatever works...right?
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