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The Charlotte Tilbury Quick 'n' Easy Natural Glowing Look

24 January 2017

Charlotte Tilbury recently came out with four different pre-made sets, each pertaining to a specific "look". There's the Daytime Chic Look, the Red Carpet Party Look, the Smokey Eye Evening Look, and of course, the one I had to purchase: the Natural Glowing Look. She's named these sets "Quick 'n' Easy", with the premise being that you are able to create fast, simple looks from the products included in each of the sets.

Each look is housed in a PVC cosmetics case with Charlotte's signature lips print. It's a bit cheap-feeling but it's still kind of cute. They are priced at $100 AUD on the Charlotte Tilbury website, but I purchased mine for ~$75 AUD from Cult Beauty (price depends on the exchange rate).

The Quick 'n' Easy Natural Glowing Look contains:

  • Wonderglow 15ml - deluxe sample
  • Beach Stick in Moon Beach 6.5g - full size
  • Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze 1.6g - full size
  • Legendary Lashes 4ml - deluxe sample
  • Matte Revolution in Very Victoria 3.5g - full size

The Wonderglow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash is a primer which Charlotte describes as her "Gisele filter". It's a silicone-based smoothing and blurring primer with detectable particles of gold shimmer. I was actually quite surprised by just how golden the shimmer is. I feel like these kinds of primers are usually more beige, champagne, or peachy in tone rather than an outright gold, but it ends up looking OK on my skin, especially after I applied foundation. I can't say it's the most revolutionary primer I've ever used, but I does give a soft-focus look to the skin like the name suggests. I probably wouldn't purchase the full size but I'm really happy to have this generous deluxe sample size, which contains just over a third of the full size.

Now, onto the Beach Stick Lip To Cheek Dewy Colour Pop in 'Moon Beach'. The shade is a nice peachy pink with golden shimmer but I'm sad to say, I don't understand this product at all. I mean, I understand the concept: a cream cheek/lip colour in a portable, effortless stick format—what's not to love, right? Wrong. It's dry and chunky. I'm not sure if I received a dud, but the product bunches and balls on itself when I try to swipe it onto the skin. I can't dab it on either because the formula is far too dry to deposit colour in that method, so I'm kind of in a doozy with this one. If someone has had a good experience with the Beach Sticks, let me know how you get it to work because I'd really like to know.

The Colour Chameleon in 'Amber Haze For Brown Eyes' might be my favourite thing from the set. It's a chubby cream eyeshadow pencil in this gorgeous amber bronze shade with multi-coloured shimmer—really pretty on the eyes. While it does bring out the brown in my eyes, it would definitely flatter all eye colours. The formula is soft and creamy but sets down to a budge-proof finish. If I'm being nitpicky, the formula sets down a tad too fast which means blending it isn't always the easiest, but for the purposes of it being a quick/easy/on-the-go product, it works well just messily smudging it with fingers. I would consider buying more of these.

I admittedly haven't tried the Legendary Lashes Mascara enough to have a well-formulated opinion on it, but that's because the first and only time I wore this, it smudged like crazy. I don't think it's entirely the fault of the mascara; there are many people out there who don't require their mascaras to be waterproof, but just in terms of my personal needs, Legendary Lashes is a no go for me. If it has any positive points, it's that it's super black and volumising and even kind of lengthening, but it loads too much product onto my lashes for them to benefit from it (and that's even after I've wiped the excess off onto a paper towel). Who might like this? Those with naturally curled lashes who are looking for dramatic volume and length. I like the traditional bristle wand, but I just wish the formula didn't give me major panda eyes.

The product I was most excited for was undoubtedly the Matte Revolution Lipstick in 'Very Victoria'. I've been wanting this shade ever since CT first released the Matte Revolution lipsticks but I've always been unsure about whether the shade would suit me. They describe it as a "suede taupe nude" but I see a lot of mauve to this shade. I like it, though. It's subtle yet chic, and does make you think of something VB might wear herself. Like I've said many times before, the Matte Revolution formula is one of my favourites. They're creamy but don't slip and slide around because they have a powdery quality to them. 

Swatches top to bottom: Moon Beach, Amber Haze, Very Victoria

The most impressive thing about these sets, by far, is the amazing value. According to my (hopefully accurate) calculations, the Natural Glowing Look is worth over $125 AUD. The thing that really pushed me over the line, though, was the inclusion of three full-sized products. The Natural Glowing Look is also objectively worth the most, as you're getting five items instead of the four you get in the other three sets.

I don't love every one of the products in the set, but I do still think it's worth purchasing if you're someone who loves Charlotte Tilbury and is yet to try certain products, or if you're new to the brand and wanting a more cost-effective way to try a selection of her products. It's great that you can also pick a set that suits your makeup style, and that these sets are a lot less expensive than others she offers in her line.
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