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The Nudestix #BabeBoss Faves Boss

15 June 2017

Nudestix recently released the #BabeBoss Faves Box, a collection of six lip pencils that come from their existing range, five of which were chosen by influencers (the other being chosen by Nudestix co-founders, Ally and Taylor Frankel). The box comes in at $59 USD which is phenomenal value considering each Nudestix pencil is $24 USD. Even though I already owned one of the shades, 'Pulse', I happily passed it on (you're welcome, Mum) and justified buying the set. 

The #BabeBoss Faves Box includes:

Sin Cream Lip + Cheek Pencil (chosen by Ally and Taylor Frankel) - a strawberry pink

Pulse Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm (chosen by @sssamantha) - a mauve nude

Purity Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil (chosen by @saythelees) - a soft pink nude

Stiletto Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Color (chosen by @iamkareno) - a hot red

Boho Magnetic Matte Lip Color (chosen by @lynettecynee) - a 90s brown nude

Burgundy Magnetic Matte Lip Color (chosen by @cydbee) - a plummy brick

Swatches L-R: Pulse / Sin / Purity / Stiletto / Burgundy / Boho

I'm really glad I purchased this set. I think the colours chosen would complement a wide range of skin tones, and they pretty much cover all bases: everyday neutrals, a bombshell red, and a deeper option just in case. I also think that Nudestix did a wonderful job at picking influencers with different skin tones. One of the problems I always seem to encounter with lip sets is that they'll include colours that are only flattering to one particular skin tone - usually light or light-medium skin. I mean, sure, I could wear a light baby pink nude, but would I want to? No.

All the shades are super creamy and richly pigmented, apart from Pulse, which has a sheer gel finish. My favourite formula is the Intense Matte one (Purity is my go-to), as it's the perfect balance between comfort and longevity. If you're after something with even more serious lasting power, you might like the Magnetic Matte formula, which acts like a liquid-to-matte lipstick - just in pencil form. The Karina of a few months ago who didn't have horrendously dry lips would have gravitated towards the Magnetic Mattes, but as of right now, they are a little too matte for me to wear on a daily basis.

If you're fairly new to Nudestix (like I am), or are just looking to add a bunch of great lip pencils to your collection, I think you'll really enjoy the #BabeBoss Faves Box. You can purchase it from the Nudestix website, from Sephora, or from Beautylish.
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