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Unless otherwise stated, all content on is the work of myself, Karina Kouck. This includes photos, which are typically taken on a Canon EOS 600D with a standard 18-55mm or 40mm lens.

I will always strive to be as honest and genuine as possible in featuring, reviewing or recommending products, however, please bear in mind that opinions are only that of my own. Opinions regarding products will always differ between people, so what might work for me might not work for others, or vice versa.

I also aim to capture products in as accurate a light as possible. I do edit my pictures on occasion, usually so that they appear more bright as the lighting in my house isn't the best, but that's where the editing ends. I will mention when a product in a photo does not appear true-to-colour.

The vast majority of products I feature on this blog were purchased by myself with my own funds, but if I am gifted or given a product for free, I will always disclose this.

Lastly, a massive thank you to everyone who reads this blog!
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